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Research Sevices

Channel Intelligence

Whether your channel program is leading or lagging in your sector, it’s wise to keep a finger on the pulse of partner sentiment.  One of our leading research categories, Channel Intelligence includes channel analyses for all technology categories, across the globe.  We benchmark individual program components or analyze channel strategies in their entirety.

Channel Composition

Determine which partner categories optimally serve your customers and prospects.  Understand the configuration of your channel composition relative to that of your competitors.

Regional Saturation

Assess coverage in key regions and determine how over or under representation affect partner performance. Understand how geographic representation of competing solutions impacts your partners’ opportunities.

Reseller Compensation

Evaluate industry best practices that result in attracting and retaining the highest producers in the channel.  Determine how monetary and non-monetary program elements motivate resellers while preserving margin.

Channel Management

Analyze successful channel management programs.  Determine performance level triggers in your partner model to apply strategic monetary investments based on external analysis.

Enablement Tools

Understand which scalable resources are most effective for educating and empowering your channels.  Determine appropriate access points for investing in lead generation tools, marketing libraries, partner portals and demonstration sites.