Technology Coast Consulting

Research Sevices

Market Intelligence

Deep comprehension of your market is the starting point for formulating any sound business strategy. We offer clients several market intelligence services to discover how they can capitalize on unidentified or fledgling opportunities.

Growth Trends/Opportunities

Quantify growth trends in existing markets or uncover new revenue paths through market definition, segmentation analysis or a thorough competitive overview.

Emerging Technologies

New economies can form from unfulfilled business needs, social and economic pressure or game-changing technology.  Identify the next wave of high-tech purchasing patterns in the early stage of demand.

Benchmark Pricing

Validate existing pricing models or develop new bundles, discounts and license or service agreements by surveying competitors’ current pricing strategies.

Regional Comparisons

Assess parity across different geographies.  Understand how product and service delivery models compare region by region or relative to local competitors.


Determine whether building or buying is a better option in the context of your current strategy, market dynamics and competitive pressures.