Technology Coast Consulting

Research Sevices

Product Intelligence

Your development investment dollars are meaningful only if the features and functionality of your solution align with customer wants, needs and expectations. We offer high-level strategic assessments, qualitative functional evaluations and a variety of analysis tools to illustrate how your customers perceive your products and services individually, or compared to alternative solutions.

Product Roadmap

Evaluate customer needs, industry requirements and technological trends against your current and future portfolio of solutions.  Survey customers, prospects and lost accounts to validate or uncover strategic opportunities.

Features & Functionality

Examine in detail the feature-by-feature performance ranking of your product against alternative solutions in the market.  Understand if your development investments are yielding the customer-desired functionality.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Compare high-level customer qualitative perceptions of your product and associated professional services and support against the broader market.  Develop recommendations to build upon strengths and reposition weaknesses.

Gap Analysis

See how current product performance and associated services levels align with customer expectations. Utilize intelligence to adjust your organization's product strategy and roadmap.


Conduct a deep dive into targeted verticals to understand how your solution is perceived in addressing industry processes, policies, pain points and regulations.